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Sponsor acm@cmu! Carnegie Mellon’s current ACM chapter was founded 2008 and is one of the fastest growing clubs on campus; in our few short years, we have held various events and amassed over 20 active members. And the future is brighter yet. Take this unique opportunity to establish your organization in ours.

If you would like to contribute, please email our advisor, .

After rigorous surveying, we found that college students' favorite flavor of food is free. Do your part in helping the community by feeding hungry college students!

While diversity is often measured with statistics: over 90% of ACM members have more than one field of study, our members hail from 8 different countries, and roughly half our membership is female, our strongest measurements of diversity are often more intangible. In addition to the cognitive diversity as exemplified by our broad spectrum of activities , our members excel at finding their place in the organization, connecting with their peers and helping them grow. Our diverse background will provide your company ample recruitment opportunities.

We would like to thank our following Graduate sponsors, who consistently go above and beyond in their involvement with our organization, for their unwavering support.

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If you would like to contribute, please email our advisor, .